I am an engineer who wants to improve environmental management outcomes

Jonathan L. Bradshaw

Jonathan L. Bradshaw

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To inform decision-making and improve environmental management outcomes, I create and use computer models that describe how environmental systems work. I have a broad engineering and management skillset, including 11 years of experience in research and consulting. I am seeking a career that capitalize on my analytical, management, and communication skills to help solve pressing environmental issues.

I am actively seeking new collaboration or career opportunities for 2019.

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The purpose of this website is to highlight a portion of my background, interests, and experiences for established and potential collaborators. You can learn more about me, my projects, and my leadership experiences by exploring the other pages on this site. To navigate to those pages, you may use use either the menu at the top of this page or the blocks below.



Visit this page to learn about my projects in the fields of environmental science, engineering, and management.



Visit this page learn about my leadership training and experience.

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Visit this page to learn more about my personal story.



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