Being an effective leader of diverse teams is important to me. To that end, I have invested over 250 hours in leadership-training programs and served in numerous leadership roles. This page highlights my leadership experience and training. Click on the sections in the collapsible menu below to learn more.


Re-inventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure

Re-inventing the Nation’s Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIt) is a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center that consists of over 100 researchers at Stanford University; University of California, Berkeley; Colorado School of Mines; and New Mexico State University and approximately 30 industrial partners. As a student researcher in ReNUWIt, my involvement with ReNUWIt included the following leadership experiences:

  • Member of the ReNUWIt Student & Postdoc Committee on Diversity & Inclusion (2016-present), which leads various initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion within ReNUWIt and the environmental engineering field.
  • Member of the ReNUWIt Student Leadership Council (2015-2017), which represents student interests in ReNUWIt planning activities and directs student initiatives.
  • Collaborated with students across four universities to organize events including seminar series, networking events with water industry professionals, and research discussion groups.
  • Developed priorities for ReNUWIt Student Leadership Council and prepared a strategic vision plan.
  • Created student feedback survey, analyzed survey results, and prepared a summary presentation for students and National Science Foundation reviewers.
  • Led student team to investigate diffusion pathways for water infrastructure technology. Prepared white paper for technology diffusion workshop with researchers and industry professionals.
  • Finalist in national elevator-pitch style competition to concisely and persuasively present my Ph.D. research.
  • Performed over 190 hours of outreach, including leading interactive water lessons and creating an educational video.
  • Recorded meeting minutes and identified action items.
DC Capitol hill event

Representing ReNUWIt at a National Science Foundation Capitol Hill event, Washington, D.C. Left to right: Jon Bradshaw, Skuyler Herzog

Stanford Students Environmental Consulting Group

Stanford Students Environmental Consulting Group is a student-run organization that promotes sustainable solutions to complex environmental challenges. As a leader in this group, I conceptualized, organized, and secured sponsorship for a career panel titled, “Insiders’ Perspectives on Environmental Consulting Careers.” Panelists were graduate students who shared their experience of working in the environmental consulting field. The success of the event inspired the Department Civil & Environmental Engineering to create a similar event as part of a departmental seminar series.

SSEC panel 2014

Environmental Consulting Panel Discussion, Stanford, California.

Student Volunteers Council

The Student Volunteers Council is a student-run community service organization at Princeton University. Through this organization, I lead four week-long, immersive volunteers projects. Three of these projects were through Community Action, a freshman orientation program involving service in Trenton, New Jersey. Another project consisted of helping rebuild a disadvantaged neighborhood in New Orleans, Louisiana, that was substantially damaged from Hurricane Katrina.

[Before and After] Painting a house damaged by Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Two Dickinson Street Co-operative

The Two-Dickinson Street Co-operative (2D) is a completely student-run food co-operative, in which its approximately 40 members order ingredients from outside vendors and prepare meals daily. As a treasurer in 2D, I oversaw the organization’s $40,000 annual budget and daily management.

Some members at the Two Dickinson Street Food Co-operative house, Princeton, New Jersey.

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Accel Innovation Scholars

The Accel Innovation Scholars program supports Stanford Engineering PhD students in discovering the skills and possibilities of technology commercialization, opportunity evaluation, and entrepreneurial leadership. This nine-month program complements students’ research experiences with access to entrepreneurial leaders and innovative startups in Silicon Valley.

Accel Innovation Scholars Program

Rising Environmental Leaders Program

Rising Environmental Leaders Program is a professional development program that helps Stanford graduate students and postdoctoral scholars hone their leadership and communications skills to maximize the impact of their research. Fellows are chosen for their exceptional research capabilities, strong leadership skills and interest in linking their findings to policy and decision-making. The program includes career-related workshops, seminars and meetings with cross-sector leaders, and participation in an intensive week in the nation’s capital where fellows learn from a range of legislative, government and nongovernmental organization professionals.


RELP at the Supreme Court

Rising Environmental Leaders Program at the U.S. Supreme Court Building, Washington, D.C.

Leadership Labs

Leadership Labs is a three-day training program with the same curriculum as programs offered to MBA students in the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Training included classroom discussions and exercises on the topics of awareness; team development and effectiveness; personal and social competence; leveraging personality differences; conflict management; and influence, power, and politics.

Team Gamma in Leadership Labs training program, Stanford, California.

Management Matters

Management Matters is a eight-hour Stanford workshop series on the principles and guidelines of management. Training includes classroom discussions and exercises on the topics of working with different styles, making expectations clear, and giving and receiving feedback.

Public Policy Negotiation and Decision-making

Public Policy Negotiation and Decision-making is a week-long Stanford workshop series on the analytical, practical, and interpersonal skills of negotiation and decision-making. The workshop integrates theory with practice through literature, cases, and negotiation simulations in select public policy circumstances.


Sprog is a week-long student leadership training program sponsored by the Sierra Student Coalition, the national student chapter of the Sierra Club. Training includes classroom discussions and exercises covering the topics of strategy and campaign planning, media communications, group facilitation, grassroots outreach, and coalition building.

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